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Welcome to the start of 2023 and my first milsbhdesign blog post...

... and just like that it's 2023. How did that happen.

Milsbhdesign has just registered as a business which means we are official and I'm so excited to bring you along on our journey. I've been working on milsbhdesign for two years but it's only just reached the stage that we can become an official business under the government.

Original needle felted textiles.

I've spent the first few weeks of 2023 re designing the website, so this is a blog post to say we are here and back for the new year with a brand new, updated website ready to share all things milsbhdesign.

Please subscribe over on my website to get all updates, behind the scenes, discounts and sneak peaks of new collections. No spam just a girl trying to spread a little joy. All you have to do is enter your email... how easy. THANKYOU all for the continuous support, this little business wouldn't be here without you!!

Lots of love

M x

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