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I should probably get a proper job...

Hello I'm Mils, the artist and designer of my little wooly business.

The title to this post is misleading because I'm not going anywhere, I am personally very happy running my small business but some may have other opinions. Lets get into it...

I've been running my business since 2020, between then and now I have also had other part time jobs but went full time and self employed officially October 2023.

I'd say since I decided to take all creative subjects for A levels I've had a few judgmental comments about future jobs etc. When I took the leap to start my small business in 2020 after I finished my art degree I had my fair share of unnecessary, judgmental, borderline horrible comments and not from strangers.

I think peoples first reactions to me being an artist is its a hobby, which technically they are right, I am lucky enough to love my job and turn a hobby into something more but by saying my job, income and passion is a hobby is belittling me.

" You need to get a job with a steady income"

"Why not get a 9 to 5 job?"

"Surely you can't be earning enough"

"How can you afford that with no job?"

"What do you even do all day"

That is just a few examples of comments I've had since running my small business. It's scary that any creative business is questioned, they are made to believe they aren't good enough, that they aren't earning enough, Why?

Sit down for a second, look around you, what do you see?

The packaging on all the food in your cupboards has been designed by someone creative, the artwork on your walls, the houses or buildings around you have been designed by someone. When you start to think about it we would live in a very plain, simple even boring world without any creative influence.

I'm so lucky to have lots of support around me too who pushed me to follow my dreams, so this is a message to anyone creative, anyone who wants to start a career in the industry or anyone who is thinking of studying an art degree. DO IT! You will always have comments from others whatever direction you take in life so do what you love, do what feels right. FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS.

Keep being creative

Mils x

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