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Why is sending a card so important?

Last month I turned 25 and the excitement of the post man coming is still as real as it was when I was 5. Receiving a card is always so special, I know I know, sending a quick text is easy but hear me out!!

I've got s box full of all important cards I've received over the years, I love looking back at the lovely words, funny messages and the thought that has gone into it.

Every birthday I put my cards up and keep them up for nearly 2 weeks. When I take them down I go over to my nan's and we go through them all, it's such a special time to reflect on everyone who wanted to wish you a happy birthday.

Sending a card to someone shows you have thought about them, you've taken the time to choose or make a card suited to them but also you've had to sit down and write, which I know is rare with a lot of people these days!!

When you buy a card if that be printed or handmade you are supporting a small business and artist.

Why not support small business and buy a card to send to someone special.

You can shop my cards via my website, socials and my stocklist's.

  • Winstones

  • Devon artisan hub

  • Cider press gallery

I'd love to hear your story's and if you have been inspired to send a card to anyone, it really will make someones day!

Have an idea for a wooly handmade card? Why not give me a message so we can create the perfect card!


Speak soon

Mils x

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