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Is it spring yet?

As I write this its dark, wet and cold outside but I'm hoping after this post we will feel inspired and see spring at the end of this very long dark tunnel. FYI it's officially spring this week but it couldn't feel further away.

My 2024 Spring collection is called 'Growers Patch'

This collection is a tribute to the beauty of British grown fruits and veggies. Influenced by the ethos of my local farm shop, this collection advocates for the joy of savouring seasonal, locally sourced goodness.

I am a huge lover of seasonal, homegrown food so this is going to an exciting collection, I hope as-well as creating fun, quirky, wooly art we can learn together the importance of supporting local. Within this collection I will be exploring another mini collection which will go hand in hand together.

One of my main ethos's for my business is keeping it local and supporting small business owners.

I've had this idea in my head for a couple of years, but I've ever had the time or the thought process to proceed with it. Last year for my boyfriends birthday I made him a card, I wanted something personal that I had made. ( look back at one of my previous blog posts to understand the importance of sending a card to someone special) I had given him way too many sheep cards already so needed to think outside the box, I started thinking of things he likes football and food were at the top. So I opted to choose food and found a slogan that fitted with a chilli. It was personal, funny and handmade. Since then I have wanted to do a whole collection, lots of planning, ideas and it's finally coming together.

The collection has already started to take shape, I am posting updates over on instagram of all originals and designs. I am obsessed with it and so happy to learn more about seasonal fruit and veg. @milsbhdesign

I am hugely inspired by my surroundings so there will be a few surprises along the way including our new 'neighbours' coming April... Instagram will be soft launching them soon!

If you would like to shop the 'Growers patch' collection so far head over to my online shop.

Book marks £3

Prints £20

Gift wrap sheets £3

Handmade cards £5

Bauble £12

Happy shopping small

Mils x

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